OMO TAG | Unilever


Detergent brands have been doing sampling in the same way for years – in Lebanon and across the world.
To overcome the difficulty of grabbing people’s attention at traditional shopper marketing points and reinforce
its “Dirt is Good” brand purpose,  Unilever’s OMO decided to disrupt in-store sampling by moving away
from supermarkets and taking its product to people’s clothes, before they go out and get dirty.

The OMO Tag, made completely out of OMO detergent, is a completely water-soluble tag
that can be placed inside the washer. One tag is enough to remove the dirt of three garments.
To kickstart the sampling, OMO partnered with Sports 4ever, Beirut’s largest chain
of sporting merchandise, which will soon add the tag to every sports outfit.e.


2019 Dubai Lynx GP / Brand Experience & Activation

2019 Dubai Lynx Gold / Outdoor

2019 Dubai Lynx Silver x 2 / Brand Experience & Activation, Outdoor

2019 Dubai Lynx Bronze x 2 / Outdoor, Direct

2019 Cannes Lions Shortlist / Brand Experience & Activation (2), Media

2019 Loeries Silver / PR

2019 Loeries Bronze x 2 / Live Activation, Media Innovation