CAMELPOWER | Nissan Middle East


If we talk about road cars, any debate around performance is easily resolved with stats about horsepower, torque or acceleration times.
Publications and websites are dedicated to this type of content. No measure existed to accurately measure performance in the desert sand.
To end the debate and officially claim leadership, we proved that Nissan SUVs are the best desert off-roaders in the region by creating
a new unit of desert performance measurement: Camelpower.



2017 Cannes Lions Silver / Media 

2017 Cannes Lions Shortlist x 2 / Promo & Activation

2017 Loeries GP / Integrated

2018 Cannes Lions Bronze / Branded Experience

2018 Clio Awards Silver / PR

2018 Dubai Lynx GP / PR

2018 Dubai Lynx GP / Promo & Activation

2018 Dubai Lynx Silver x 4 / Branded Content, Direct, Integrated, PR. 

2018 Dubai Lynx Bronze x 2 / Direct, Interactive

2018 One Show Merit / Innovation in Cross Platform

2018 Webby Awards Nomination / Integrated Campaigns

2018 Global WARC Bronze

2018 MENA WARC Grand Prix

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