Central to any e-commerce strategy is digital ad spend, representing millions annually for OREO. Digital media's competitiveness needed us to bring an innovative approach to capture attention and overcome obstacles like ad blockers.

We realized there was already an OREO in every website and app, living rent-free, hidden in plain sight. The 3-bar drop down menu, erroneously known as a "hamburger menu". So we set out to correct a wrong, turning every menu on the internet into OREOS

Whenever people saw it on screen, they could click or tap to expand it, and use any of the tab/category names displayed below as promo codes for OREO cookie offers at oreomenu.com

Without having to partner with any brand or affect any website backend, UX or UI, we made menu's across hundreds of millions of website and apps an OREO cookie offer repository. From milk brands, to retailers, and even restaurants, we hacked the digital shelf, turning website hamburger menu icons into OREO Cookies.

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